Zoning and Land Use

As in any complex field, the practice of Zoning and Land Use Law requires knowledge of unique terms and procedures.  Florida case law teaches that a local government’s Comprehensive Plan can be thought of as the “Constitution” of its zoning regulations, while the Zoning Code can be thought of as the governing “statutes.”  Understanding how a given local government’s Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Code and other interrelated ordinances all work together is crucial to determining what is permitted and appropriate at a given site.

While line-by-line knowledge of the governing Code and the governing case law is essential, the importance of the people involved cannot be overstated. The views and positions of all parties involved, including those of the local government’s professional staff, members of local Boards and City Commissions, the City Attorney, as well as interested members of the public and other stakeholders, all must be respected and considered in connection with any development approval.

Savage Legal can work with developers, interested neighboring property owners, condominium associations and local government officials to determine the precise requirements for development approvals, such as a site plan approvals, variances, exceptions, or waivers.