Local Government

When asked to identify a “powerful” arm of the government, most people think of the United States Supreme Court, the United States military forces, or the Internal Revenue Service.  But few consider the ample powers of local government, which, in many cases, can have more direct impact on their lives and property than large federal governmental entities.

For example, a Notice of Violation issued by a local Building Official, if unaddressed, can lead to referral of a house or other structure to a local Unsafe Structures Board.  A city or county Unsafe Structures Board can impose significant fines or even order the demolition of the house or structure.  This is the exact kind of proceeding where you can benefit from being represented by legal counsel with knowledge of the governing Code and other applicable regulations, as well as all appellate and other rights you may possess.

Bringing in knowledgeable legal counsel in the beginning of a project or issue can head off larger more expensive emergency efforts later in the process.  We can assist with building code issues and other matters requiring careful collaboration with local officials.  Savage Legal can also represent you in code enforcement proceedings and other quasi-judicial hearings before local Boards and City Commissions.  We regularly work on behalf of clients to either seek or challenge local government development approvals.

Finally, the office possesses full expertise to appeal the determinations of local Boards and City Commissions by way of appellate or original circuit court proceedings.