South Florida Real Estate Investor Services

In response to the dynamic real estate market in South Florida and client demand, Savage Legal proudly offers a boutique level of service to those clients who own or manage investment property in South Florida.  If you answer yes to any of these questions, Savage Legal can help:

  • Do you have a late-paying tenant or need an eviction?
  • Do you have non-tenant squatters occupying your investment property?
  • Do you have a tenant advancing a claim of damage, water intrusion or mold?
  • Do you have an issue with your Condominium Association?

Savage Legal has developed the skillset to assist with issues like these facing those who own or manage property in South Florida. If you require an eviction, for example, your case will be handled at each stage by experienced attorneys who will respond to your inquiries, as well as address any unusual facts or circumstances presented by your situation.  Our office can also work on other issues presented by your investment property, such as working with your Condominium Association to address their rental or other requirements.